b'Antennas $ All Prices in 103Canadian Dollars $Antenna SplitterAllows the use of both the VHF radio and the AM/FM radio at the same time from one VHF antenna.Comes with connectors already installed, just plug it in!#MATRONIX$ 67.95SHAKESPEARE ANTENNA VHF 8\' 6DB END-FED8\' fiberglass Vhf antenna with 1" threaded end.Standard 1" x 14 thread.Shakespear Centenial #5101#5206-C$94.95Glassmaster AntennasVHF 5 Fiberglass Marine Antenna#MVH_503$ 59.00Center console mounted and/or sailboat mast mounted. Termination: 60 feet of RG-58 cable with solder type PL-259 connector supplied. Element Construction: Brass tubing in phase, encapsulated in fiberglass. Exterior Construction: Thermosetting resin and fiberglass with elements permanently sealed. Mounting: L-shaped mounting bracket (stainless steel) supplied.Base Ferrule: Stainless steel material- 1/2 x 20 threads. 3db 50 watts 5 feet.36 CB Fiberglass Bass Boat Antenna # MCB_301 $ 59.00An excellent short-range commercial antenna, with a low profile SWR: 1:5:1 at center of band. Termination: Special matching 7 cable. Cable should not be cut. Element Construction: Continuous load end feedwave with matching cable. Exterior Construction: Thermosetting resin and fiberglass covering element. High impact thermo plastic base fitting and mount. Lift and Lay mount, leveling washer and mounting hardware included with antenna. 36 Fiberglass Bass Boat Antenna #MCB_302 $ 49.00Same s MCB 301, but offers you more versatility in mounting 1 x 14 plastic female fitting. Recommended A-13 mount.Cutting the cable of any of the above CB antennas voids the warranty. SHAKESPEARE ANTENNA EXTENSIONS#4984\' EXTENSION$89.95#499 8\' EXTENSION99.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 103'