b'108 $ All Prices in Fluxgate CompassCanadian Dollars $Introducing the brand new Faria Analog Electronic Flux-Gate Marine Compass System. Finally, you can enjoy the superior performance, accuracy, and safetyAn international success, the Delta Series of the latest in state-of-the-art compass technology ATfeatures dual-reading American/Metric dials and CONVENTIONAL MAGNETIC COMPASS PRICES. have proven to be the choice of discriminating Why Flux-Gate? To be useful, a compass must beyachtsmen and designers, the elegant bonze mounted at the helm in clear view of the skipper.and cream dial graphics, sculpted white Unfortunately, this is the area with the highest concentration of magnetic interference from electronicspointers, and raised-contour black glare-and engine instruments that cause compass errors. Infree bezels of the Delta Series will continue short, probably the WORST place on a boat to mount ato provide reliable performance on yachts magnetic compass! throughout the seven seas for years to come. The Faria remote flux-gate sensors small size allowsORDER NO. FG-DEL$ 339.00it to be mounted almost anywhere on the boat, away from potential interference, and it contains NO MAGNETS. It electronically measures the earths magnetic field directly and is not attracted to nearbyAs beautiful and enduring as their namesake, metal like a conventional compass. As a result, the compass display can be mounted in thethe popular Coral series continues to set the optimum location for viewing without concern for theindustry standard for style and durability. Bright negative effects of surrounding equipment. The Fariawhite and blue American/metric dial graphics system also provides superior dampening (anti-spin)and contoured white pointers are framed by and will operate a second remote compass displaystylish matte black raised bezels edged in brush without having to buy another sensor -thats totalsilver. Coral provides the performance and great value! looks experienced yachtsmen demand. No other compass offers Flux-gate technology and the features available in the Faria Analog Electronic Compass system at such anORDER NO. FG-COR$ 369.95affordable price. Compass diameter 3-3/4".No More Leaking Inaccurate compasses.When properly mounted these Flux-gate compasses will contiune to give precise compass headings without the problems associated with an oil filled compass!Accurate up the 25 degree of heel.108 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'