b"110 $ All Prices in Gas Fume DetectorsCanadian Dollars $Gasoline Fume Detector #MB-2-RThe MB-2-R gas detector also includes a test button at the display module to activate the warning lamp, alarm horn and blower motor.Alarm Silence button deactivates the alarm horn calibrated to eliminate most nuisance alarms while allowing enough time to take action.Fault lights to indicate a malfunction in either the module or one of the sensors.Press to test button for each channel indicates either an OKMB-2-R gas detector features:or Danger condition - Microprocessor-controlledThe MB-2-R adds automatic bilge blower control. The blower- Low profile, water resistant designis automatically started when a fume level of 16 to 20% LEL- Two-channel monitoring capability(lower explosive limit) is reached and remains on until fume- Plug-in sensors (2nd sensor optional)level is safely lowered. A 30 amp relay is standard - Fault light alarm- Available in black. - Previous model # MB-2Gasoline Fume Detector With Automatic Blower Control #MB-1 MB-1 contains a 10 amp relay to automatically start your bilge blower should gasoline fumes be detected. Two additional wire leads connect to your blower switch. To test, simply touch the 'test' pad on the control. The Red lamp will glow, horn sound and blower motor will start. Another innovation you'd expect from Xintex. Suitable for blowers with power requirements of up to 10 amperes at 12 VDC. Blowers up to 30 Amps require our external relay MB-1-RLY. CMD5-MD CO AlarmsCMD5-MD 12v or 24v DC operation with no voltage reducer requiredElectrochemical sensor- Rapid start-upno burn-off period- More stable sensing- Reduced false alarms- Extremely low current draw (4 mA)Installation of the detector should be at eye level for easy monitoring and service.The detector should not be mounted within one foot of corners or other dead air spaces or within five feet of any cookingor fuel burning appliance.Dimension 3.5 L x 3.5 W x 1.1 D#CMD5-MD0 $ 169.95110 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639"