b'132 $ All Prices in PumpsCanadian Dollars $GusherUrchin Compact Bilge and Waste Water Transfer Pump Three different mounting orientations (deck, bulkhead and thru deck models)Compact design is ideal for confined spacesClamp ring easily removed for pump head rotation and quick maintenanceSmooth easy action up to 55 ltrs (14.5 US gals) per minuteDual size nozzles for 25 mm (1") or 38 mm(112") hose Maximum Discharge Head 3 m (10 ft) Maximum Suction Lift 4 m (13.5 ft)Typical UsesEmergency bilge pump outHolding tank pump outToilet flush #BP9021 (removable handle)$109.95Service Kit #AK9003 $ 44.95Neoprene Diaphragm, Valves and CirclipsGusher Galley Pump Compact foot operated pump.Self-priming.Discharge on each stroke.Simple installaion above floor or inside of a locker.This pump as inlet and outlet on opposite sides of pump body. This pump is white but in the past they have been supplied in blue or black.If your pump looks like this then this is your pump.Inlet and outlet can be rotated for best hose connection.Ports are facing down in the picture.#5001210 $89.00Hi-Water Bilge AlarmConsists of a float switch and an in-dash gauge that features both a visual and audible alarm. This unit allows an unmanned compartment to be constantly monitored. For additional compartments add model 40A switch.#33ALA$ 99.95Economy Bilge Pump26" tube pump with with 24" hose, Self priming made of non corrosive plastic.High capacity 1-3/4" dia. tube.#18532-24$ 34.9520" tube pump with with 18" hose, Self priming made of non corrosive plastic.High capacity 1-3/4" dia. tube.#18532-18$ 28.95132 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'