b'Electric Head Conversion $ All Prices in 137Canadian Dollars $Electric Head Flush Pump Conversion KitThe electric flush pump converts all PAR manually operated toilets to convenient electric operation. It also fits Sealand (Mansfield) 751, Brydon Boy and RM-69 toilet models. And which the optional adaptors listed below it can be installed on almost all manual toilets. Once converted, the toilet is flushed by simply turning the large control knob on the top of the pump assembly. The self-priming flushing pump rinses the toilet bowl while the waste pump macerates the evacuates the waste. The operator selects from two operating modes to either flush the toilet bowl or drain it. The spring-loaded control knob always returns to the off position.Height 10-1/2, Width 4, Depth 7-3/4, 12Volt Dc, 24Amp Draw.#29200-0120$ 449.00#29101-0000 repair kit139.00Toilet Model Pump Mounting Configuration Flush Pump Mounting Flange Adaptor KitGROCO HC 2 Hole 29125-0000Mansfield 750GROCO HE 3 Hole Equilateral Triangle 29080-0000GROCO HFRaritan CompactRaritan PH & PH II 4 Hole Square Pattern 29110-0000Sealand 752Wilcox CrittendenHeadMate 1460 4 Hole Square Pattern 29128-0000Wilcox CrittendenWinner R4042CElectric Head Base AssemblyThe electric toilet base assembly offers an economical way to own an electric toilet because it utilizes existing manual toilet bowl and seat/lid assembly. It can be fitted with the Jabsco, Raritan P.H. or compact, Wilcox Crittenden Head Mate, Groco HC and Sealand (Mansfield) 750 through 752 Series china bowls. It also fits any PAR or Brydon 59128-Series, or PAR 29090-29120 Series, and virtually any other marine toilet using a 3-3/4 (95mm) diameter bolt circle with 4-hole pattern.The self-priming flexible flush pump rinses the bowl while the powerful macerator scavenger pump grinds up and pumps out waste. A built in backflow preventer is included in the discharge.A heavy duty push-button switch and 1 to 1-1/2 hose adaptor for the discharge port plus all clamps and fasteners to complete the conversion are included.Inlet: 3/4", Discharge: 1, Weight: 12-1/2lb #37010-0092 $ 599.95VOLT DCAMPS FUSE SIZE 12 1825email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 137'