b'144 $ All Prices in HoseCanadian Dollars $Heavy Duty Marine Hose We at Holland Marine believe in selling only the best hose that is available true, there are cheaper hose that look like our hose, but they are not of the same quality. Our clear reinforced vinyl tubing is made from the best food and beverage approved compounds so there cannot be any mix-up when using our hose for drinking water systems. Of course it is also excellent for bilge pumps, and all plumbing on board. We do advise that you use the Reinforced hose for any and all pressure water applications as well as below the waterline. Up to 1 Dia. Hose has 1/8 wall thickness and above 1 Dia. Hose has a 1/4" wall thickness.Clear Braided Reinforced Vinyl Hose We use this hose NumberI.D. O.D.Price as a chafe guard #200600 3/8 x 5/8 $ 1.30/ft on our mooring #200800 1/2 x 3/4"1.70/ft pennants. The #201000 5/8 x 7/81.95/ft 1-1/2 Dia. Is also used by those who #201200 3/4" x 12.50/ft want the ultimate #201600 1 x 1-1/43.50/ft in hose for holding #202000 1-1/4 x 1-3/4 6.50/ft tanks, water tanks, #202400 1-1/2 x 27.50/ft and cockpit drains.Trident Sanitation HoseExtra heavy-duty sanitation hose is constructed of smooth white vinyl. Specially compounded to provide excellent resistance to odor permeation. Construction allows for good flexibility to go around corners.THIS HOSE IS NOT TO BE USED WITH ALCOHOL BASED ANTI-FREEZE OR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.# W0-804T 1-1/2" $ 5.55/ft# TRI148-058 5/8"3.00/ft# TRI148-034 3/4" 3.65/ft# TRI148-1001" 4.00/ftFlexible Wire Reinforced Hose VCS hose is reinforced with wire and dacron fiber for additional strength, and has a heavy extra coat on the inside to make it smooth. This is superior to our FH hose for toilets and holding tank connections. This smooth inside makes it difficult for bacteria particles to accumulate. Left hand thread. Temperature range -20 to 150 F (-29 to 65C).#W0-8041-1/2"DIA6.85/FTHose Cuff End Fittings-Hose Cuffs #00-150 FOR 1-1/2" HOSE9.75 These are necessary to screw on the Coupling flexible wire reinforced hose to make a proper leak free connection. They are #CP-1-1/2FOR 1-1/2" HOSE $ 19.65 left hand thread for above hose. Use sika-flex or similar caulking.144 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'