b'146 $ All Prices in Hose and AdaptersCanadian Dollars $Trident Marine Wet Exhaust and Water Hose Premium wet exhaust hose for longer bent connections. In smaller I.D.\'s for engine intake, critical water, and wet exhaust. Extra heavy tube and cover with helix between 2 ply reinforcement provides excellent flexibility and bend radius. Resists heat, ozone, exhaust, sani chemicals, panting and collapse. Exceeds New (SAE J2006, ABYC and NMMA) Stds. Black High Temp EDPM Rubber 250F (121C). ** Please note this hose is not food and beverage safe.100-01201/2" I.D $ 10.50/ft 100-05805/8" I.D$ 10.60/ft 100-03403/4" I.D$ 11.00/ftTrident Premium Sanitation HoseDesigned for all head and holding tank connections. Extra thick tube and cover specially compounded for Max. Resistance to odor permeation and winterizing anti-freeze. Helical wire between 2 ply reinforcement provides excellent flexibility bend radius. Longest odor-free performance on the market, but self draining installations still recommended.**Not for potable water.101-1121-1/2" I.D Black $ 15.00/ft 102-1121-1/2" I.DWhite $ 18.00/ftMarine East Barb to Barb AdaptersPart #Description Price 8800ADAPTOR,5/8"-H/BX5/8"-H/B$ 5.00 8805ADAPTOR,5/8"-H/BX3/4"-H/B$ 5.008810ADAPTOR,5/8"-H/BX1"-H/B$ 5.00 8830ADAPTOR,3/4"-H/BX3/4"-H/B$ 5.00 8835ADAPTOR,3/4"-H/BX1"-H/B$ 5.00 8840ADAPTOR,3/4"-H/BX1-1/8"-H/B$ 5.00 8845ADAPTOR,3/4"-H/BX1/1/4"-H/B$ 5.00 8850ADAPTOR,3/4"-H/BX1-1/2"-H/B$ 5.00 8855ADAPTOR,1"-H/BX1"-H/B $ 5.00 8860ADAPTOR,1"-H/BX1-1/8"-H/B$ 5.00 8865ADAPTOR,1"-H/BX1-1/4"-H/B$ 5.00 8870ADAPTOR,1"-H/BX1-1/2"-H/B $ 5.00 8875ADAPTOR,1-1/8"-H/BX1-1/8"-H/B$ 5.00 8880ADAPTOR,1-1/8"-H/BX1-1/4"-H/B $ 5.00 8885ADAPTOR,1-1/8"-H/BX1-1/2"-H/B$ 5.00 8890ADAPTOR,1-1/4"-H/BX1-1/4"-H/B$ 5.00 8895ADAPTOR,1-1/4"-H/BX1-1/2"-H/B$ 5.00 8899ADAPTOR,1-1/2"-H/BX1-1/2"-H/B$ 5.00146 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'