b'Valves $ All Prices in 151Canadian Dollars $Bronze Ball ValvesThreaded Ports#57632 1/2" 44.00#57633 3/4" 50.00#57634 1" 69.00#57635 1-1/4" 99.00#57536 1-1/2" 129.00#57637 2" 189.00Bronze Seacock Triangle MountJabsco seacocks are one of the finest lines of bronze ball type seacocks available. The body and handle are constructed from bronze and stainless steal to withstand marine environment. Hard chromed bronze ball is seated in Teflon for low operating torque with non-periodic lubricant. Pre-drilled triangular base allows versatile installation. Drain plug installed for winterization. Vinyl coated handle rotates 1/4 turn to positive on and off stops. Each valve is tested to 400PSI (2700 kPa) and 29 inches (1,0 kg/sq.cm) of mercury Overall HeightMounting Bolt Circle vacuum. Valves are U.L. listed.(Incl. Handle) In (Mm) Dia. In (Mm)#45560-01501-1/2" 99.008-5/32 (210)4-1/2(114)Bronze Gate Valves Threaded PortsBronze Gate valves 3/4"#A1075 $15.00Bronze Gate valves 1-1/4"#A1125 16.00Bronze Gate valves 1-1/2"#A1150 19.00Jabsco Teflon seated ball type diverter valves have the sameBronze 3Way Valvesquality and design features as the Jabsco seacocks. They are ideal for diesel fuel lines, bilge selection, waste diversion, etc.National pipe threads, stainless steel handle. Each valve is tested to 400 PSI (2700 kPa) and 29 inches (1,0 kg.sq. cm) of mercury vacuum.Size (Ips) Bore Dia. Overall Height (Incl. Handle) In (Mm)In (Mm)1-1/2 1.25(31.8)7-3/4(197) #45580-015099.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 151'