b'158 $ All Prices in Tank VentsCanadian Dollars $Attwood Tank Vent#1670SM$24.50 90 Degree P-Trap Fuel/water/waste Tank Vent.Made of black nylon.It\'s design prevents water from entering the tank. 5/8" hose fitting (1/2" is a tight fit)Meets ABYC Standards.Tank ventChromeFuel/water/waste Tank Vent.With screen.Chrome vent with 2 screened holes.90 Angle, 1/2"-5/8" hose,I.D., Maximum 7/16" hull thickness, 3/4" mounting hole requred. With screen.Meets or exceed U.S. Coast Guard regulations.#352030 $ $19.50Tank ventChromeChrome vent for fuel/water/waste Tank Vent. With Screen.5/8" hose size, 1" hull thickness, 5/8" hose (1/2"tight)# 352100$ 14.00Tank ventChrome platedFuel/water/waste Tank Vent.With screen.1/2"-5/8" hose.Fully threaded.I.D., Maximum 7/16" hull thick-ness,3/4" mounting hole requred.#352010 $ 16.00Tank ventChrome platedFuel/water/waste Tank Vent.With screen.Fully threaded.I.D., Maximum 1-7/16" hull thickness,3/4" mounting hole requred.#352020 $ 18.95158 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'