b'168 $ All Prices inMufflers/Goose NeckCanadian Dollars $GooseneckGooseneck for exhaust hose with 40 mm internal diameter and up. Raises the exhaust hose above the waterline so that water cannot backfill the exhaust system. For Small Exaust Systems. - For application with#LT-401-1/2" WLOCKLT40$ 149.95 water-injected exhaust#LT-451-3/4" WLOCKLT45 149.95 systems only. #LT-502" WLOCKLT50 149.95 #LT-602-3/8" WLOCKLT60 149.95 - Plastic construction - Prevents seawater from getting into the engine via the transom connection MP Series MufflersThis muffler creates additional mixing of the water inside the exhaust line which results in even better noise re-duction. For 40 mm exhaust hose and up. #MP-401-1/2"DEMPMP40$ 179.95#MP-451-3/4"DEMPMP45 179.95 #MP-502"DEMPMP50 184.95 #MP-602-3/8"DEMPMP60 184.95 #MP-753"DEMPMP75 299.95- Compact, lightweight design specially for fast craft with powerful engines, where there is no space available for installation of a waterlock and/or gooseneck - Synthetic corrosion-free materials, tremendous noise reduction and minimal back pressure- For application with water-injected exhaust systems only168 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'