b'Engine Cooling Components$ All Prices in 169Canadian Dollars $Vetus Cooling Water Strainers- Transparent cover for inspection of the filter without dismantling- Cleaning the filter is quick and easyType 330 Strainers91-6611/2" 6gpmFRT330/13$ 139.9591-6625/8" 9gpmFRT330/16 139.9591-6633/4"13 gpmFRT330/19 139.9591-6641" 24 gpmFRT330/25139.9591-6651-1/4 38 gpmFRT330/32 139.9591-6661-1/2" 52 gpmFRT330/38 139.95Replacement Lid and GasketFor Vetus Type 330# 91-886 $42.99Cooling Water Flow DetectorPrevents Severe Engine Damage!Immediate alarm when raw water flow stops.1" female pipe thread ports.you bush to the size required.Made of PVC.Alarm sounds and triggers reed indicator light panel if cooling water is obstructed.Adjustable for water flow from 1-1/2 GPM to 12 GPM.Kit includes Flow Detector, Alarm Buzzer and Red Light Panel. Male Adapter to Barb fitting not included.Two needed for installation.#20064$139.00Exhaust Flange2" Stainless exhaust flange.Made of 316 stainless.#42522SS$65.00Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap- 3" wide- Sold by the foot - Great for protecting exhaust hoses from sharp edges.#WRAP$ 1.00 /ftemail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 169'