b'170 $ All Prices in SSICanadian Dollars $SSI Shower In A PanelNo. 48360 For the boat that has pressurized water but Overall dimensions: inadequate or non-existent shower facilities. Length: 14Molded from white UV-resistant ABS plastic, the Height: 10panel is designed to connect into an existing Depth: 6-1/4pressurized water system and contains a chrome Hose length 59 plated faucet, plastic showerhead, and extra long Cut Out Size:hose. This unique product can provide a second 12-3/4 x 8-3/4shower on deck or in the cockpit of a boat, or $ 49.95 outside a recreational building.Instrument Back CoversNo. 58100$29.95eaStrong white ABS plastic covers protect the backs of bulkhead mounted instruments and give installations aINSTRUMENT BACK COVER DIMENSIONSship shape appearance. Contoured and sized to fit most popular instruments. Pre-drilled for screws.Compass Front Covers$19.95FOR BLUKHEAD-MOUNTED COMPASSES#55500Fits compasses up to 6-5/8 dia., such as Ritchie, Sail, and Aqua-Meter Gemini.Designed to protect valuable bulkhead-mounted compasses from high temperatures and UV degeneration caused by the sun, these attractive covers are durable and UV-resistant. They attach firmly to the lip of the compass with adhesive-backed hook and loop fasteners. Recessed Fuel Fill SSI Recessed Battery BoxPanel8-1/2Hx8Wx4D No. 47100 WhiteThis new recessed battery switch box8 H x 7 W x 3 Dprotects battery selector switches from thePre-drilled for standard elements for cockpit instillations and thefuel fills.attractive recessed design helps prevent#47100$49.50damage to your expensive equipment. Fits all switches up to 5-1/2 diameter and 3-1/2 deep. Made of durable UV-resistant white ABS plastic. #47700 $ 149.75170 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'