b'176 $ All Prices in Mast BootsCanadian Dollars $Universal Mast Boots These flexible vinyl mast boots are designed to fit a number of sizes of masts with deck collars of the same basic shape. The boots are molded in a series of small steps, so that the user merely cuts the top at the level that provides a snug fit on the deck collar. The vinyl used is highly UV-resistant. Cut Mast BootThe material used in these mast boots is extremely flexible so that it is quite easy to stretch the boot over the mast and collar, without fear of tearing. If the mast is already stepped, the boot is cut one size larger at both top and bottom. It must then be slit down one side, slipped around the mast, and glued together using a special adhesive, which comes with the kit. The top and bottom of the boot are sealed by means of stainless steel hose clamps, which must be ordered separately in order to get a good fit. On some very large masts and collars it may be necessary to join two clamps end to end to reach the required circumference. Listed below are the standard hose clamp lengths.NOTE: These mast boots, as designed, may not fit rectangular wooden masts.No. 91000000 - fits masts with circumferences of 17 and larger withFitting Boot tocorresponding mast collars of up to 31 (445 to 787 mm) #91000$ 109.95 Stepped MastNo. 91200000 - fits masts with circumferences of 23 and larger with corresponding mast collars of up to 37 (584 to 940 mm) #91200$ 114.99No. 91400000 - fits masts with circumferences of 30 and larger with corresponding mast collars of up to 44 (762 to 1118 mm) #91400 $ 123.99Finished Mast BootStainless Steel Hose Clamps With Circumference Ranges13.15 to 18.8 (334 to 478 mm)#900-88 $14.00 25.5 to 31.4 (648 to 798 mm#900-152$ 19.0014.1 to 20.4 (358 to 518 mm)#900-96 15.50 20 to 26.6 (508 to 676 mm)#900-128 19.7515.6 to 22 (396 to 559 mm) #900-104 16.50 32.7 to 38.4 (831 to 975 mm) #900-188 24.50Vent Covers SSI clamshell vent covers give a new slant to an old favorite. Their unique sweptback styling updates this necessary finishing touch for a sleek contemporary look. Made from white UV-resistant ABS plastic, these covers are durable and strong enough to stand on. They have been designed in 3 popular sizes to cover 1-1/4, 2 and 3 vents. Also from SSI is a taller profile vent cover designed to replace old style metal covers. Made from the same tough materials as the other SSI covers, these will cap 4 vents.All of these come pre-drilled for smooth screw-on installation. #28100 - 2-5/8" x 3"$29.95 #28200 - 4" x 4-1/2" 29.75 #28300 - 6" x 7" 30.00 #29400 - 6-1/2" x 6-3/4" 34.00176 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'