b'18 $ All Prices in IndexCanadian Dollars $Rigging Knife426 Seleniod, Propane109Rigging Tape214 Series A 1001 Navigation Lights29Ring Buoy Hook187 Series A 1306 Navigation Lights28-29Ring Pulls185 Set Screws210Rings224 Sextants466Risers248 Shackles, Galvanized528Ritchie Compasses457459 Shackles, Headboard377Ritchie Compass Cover 463 Shackles, Stainless374378Rocker Circuit Breaker83-84 Sheet Stopper206Roller, Shroud417 Shifter241Ronstan329-344 Shock Cord/Ft529Rope And Chain Deck Pipe519 Shock Cord Hooks480Rubbing Compond476 Shock Cords480Rudder321 S Hooks372Rudder Anodes246 Shore Power Cord 30Amp58Rudder Port239 Shower188Rudder Port 1-1/4"239 Shower Drain Pump119Rudder Position Indicator465 Shrink Wrap503Running Lights33 Shroud Adjusters406Rustlok488 Shroud Roller417SSide Lights30Side Lights Horzontal Mount30Safety Cable419 Side Lights Vertical Mount30Safety Harness555 Side Mount Hinge216Safety Requirements541 Signal Mate545Sail Gate317 Sikaflex212Sail-Joc480 Sikkens Cetol Marine469Sailors Palm418 Silicone212Sail Slides418 Silicone Emulsion469Sail Ties479 Silproof212Sail Track Stop424 Single Control241Samson Post521 Sinks, Stainless172Sand Paper489 Sister Clips372Screens262 Ski Tow Hook189Screws211 Slick Seam471Scuppers152,155,157 Snap Fastener Kit213Sea Band429 Snap Gate Hook409Seacock151 Snapsac310Sea Ray Emblems505 Snaps And Hooks372Search Light46,47 Snap Shackle Kits369Seat Bag558 Snap Shackles352. 367-369Snatch Blocks342-34318 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'