b'Cleats $ All Prices in 197Canadian Dollars $Toe Rail Folding CleatThe toe rail folding cleat makes a perfect movable, mid-ship cleat for spring lines, etc. This cleat is mountable on all aluminum toe rails. The rail is protected by a silicon rubber pad for rattlefree installation. The cleat folds out of the waywhen not in use, the husky 3/8" diameter cleat assures strength. The complete unit is T-316 stainless. Fits most symmetric and asymmetric aluminum toe rails.#48-510$ 99.00Easy Marine Servo CleatThe well known servo patent is the basis for these easy action cleats. Easy Servo Cleats are made of Delrin with stainless steel bottom plates, teeth and fairleads.The patented double cleat used on Easymatic mainsheet blocks makes for an easily installedThe double servo camcleat showhere cascade doubler for lines aboard that dont travel far such asserves as a cascade doubler on the existing cunninghams, vangs, outhauls and flatteners. A quick retrofit toline coming from a boom vang. Use this make sailing even easier and more enjoyable!cleat to double the power of any control line Double Servo Cleat with fairlead. 5/16-1/2" lineaboard and decrease pulling force. (3-1/2 x 1-1/2")NF 33940$ 149.00Angled Wedge for Double Servo Cleat. NF 33910 $ 19.00 Nylon Open Base CleatsClamcleatBlack Injection-molded Nylon Cleats. Lightweight,Heavy duty for1/2" to 1" linedurable and inexpensive. Fasteners not included.#CL216 $ 28.00Length Weight Fasteners3"(76mm1/4 oz #6 F.H. NF10521 $ 2.004"(102mm) 1/2 oz #8 F.H. NF105223.005"(128mm) 1 oz #8 F.H.NF105234.006 3/4"(171mm)1 3/4 oz #12 F.H. NF105246.008 3/8"(213mm)2 3/4 oz 1/4 F.H.NF105259.00 The Strongest, Highest Impact Nylon Cleat Currently AvailableIzod impact rating of 4.1Horizontal tensile strength to 14,000 lbs.Maintains strength in cold weatherU.V. resistant for long-term colour stability4-Hole Cleat, 8 in. #2105 8"Black $19.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 197'