b'202 $ All Prices in CleatsCanadian Dollars $Ronstan C-CleatThe design belief was simply to develop the best Cam Cleat in the world. It had to be strong, lightweight, reliable, and come in a range of sizes to meet all cleating requirements.These new cleats reach new levels of design excelence. Self cleaning, self lubricating, ribbed bearing system replaces traditional ball bearings which have flattened under load, or clogged with grit and salt. The ribbed bearing system results in less friction and quicker, more sensitive Cam response, which means easier cleating and uncleating even under load. Advanced, lightweight, corrision free composites replace heavy corrosion prone alloy and the fatigue free multi-coil spring system means spring breakdown is never again an issue.Over two years in development, the Cams of the C-Cleat are produced from lighweight, ultra rigid Carbon Fibre composites which are completly corrosion free, suffer virtually no tooth wear, are burn proof and non abrasive on rope. * Lightweight, carbon fibre cams providing superior performance.* Outstanding grip on modern rope fibres. * Ease of cleating and uncleating. * Self-cleaning, self, self-lubricating bearings. SMALL $ 35.95 MEDIUM $ 45.95 LARGE $ 69.95C-Cleat RF5400 Black RF5410 BlackRF5020 GreyRF5400YYellow RF5410YYellow RF5420YYellowRF5400B Blue RF5410B BlueRF5020B BlueRope Capacity 2-8mm 3/32-5/16 3-12mm 1/8-1/2 6-16mm 1/4"-5/8 RF5017Max. Work120kg 265lb 180kg 400lb 230kg 505lb $19.00Load Easily fitted to Breaking Load 240kg 530lb 360kg 800lb 460kg 1010lb the T-Cleat Weight 20g 0.7oz 50g 1.75oz 110g 4oz and C-Cleat. Overall48L x 24W1-7/8L x 1W66L x 31W2-5/8L x88L x 41W3-1/2L xCan only be Dimensions x 20Hmm x 3/4H x 26Hmm 1-1/4W xx 35Hmm 1-5/8W xused with 1H 1-3/8H medium Fastener Size M4 5/32 M5 3/16 M6 1/4 C-Cleat and Hole Spacing 27mm 1-1/16 38mm 1-1/2 51mm 2 T-Cleats Fast Track FairleadWedge kits for small and medium cleats provide fast easy control of rope from any lead angle. Cleats can raised by reverse stacking wedges or angleed to 33 degrees by stacking up to 3 wedges. The under deck nut keeper ensures all loads distributed to the deck evenly.RF 5402 $ 13.95Wedge kit Small 11 degree angle-blackRF 501213.95Wedge kit- medium11 degree angle-blackRF 500413.95 Rope guide-smallStainless Steel Guide w/ Base-blackRF 5014 15.95Rope Guide Medium Stainless Steel Guide W/ Base-blackRF 500513.95Fast Track Fairlead-small Composite Fairlead- allows for off center cleating-blackRF 501517.95 Fast Track Fairlead-medium Composite fairlead- allows for off center cleating-blackRF 50038.95Small S.S. Saddle Sm. Eye StrapRF 50138.95Med S.S. Saddle Med. Eye StrapRF 502313.95Lg. S.S. Saddle Large Eye Strap202 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'