b'206 $ All Prices in Sheet StopperCanadian Dollars $Spinlock XAS-1Effortless multi role clutch for lines 6-12mm (1/4-1/2")(successor to XAseries) Brilliant new transformation of the XA powerclutch, perfect for todays cruising yachts up to 35 and racers up to 27.Why a good line size range is important.Lines will often be switched or replaced, or smaller stronger lines will be fitted. So, a bank of clutches should never be limited to a fixed diameter and type of line; having a wider range ensures your clutch is going to cope with your actual line, used or new. #XAS-1 single $74.95#XAS-2 double 139.95 #XAS-3 triple 209.95#XAS-4 quad259.00#XAS-5 quint 299.00Spinlock Sheet StoppersXTS0814/1#XTS-1 single$ 119.95Single XTS Rope Clutch for lines 8-14mm XTS0814/2#XTS-2double $ 209.95Double XTS Rope Clutch for lines 8-14mm XTS0814/3#XTS-3triple $ 299.95Triple XTS Rope Clutch for lines 8-14mm XTS0814/4#XTS-4quad$ 399.00Triple XTSRope Clutch for lines 8-14mmXTS0814/5#XTS-5quintPOATriple XTS Rope Clutch for lines 8-14mm206 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'