b'214 $ All Prices in Rigging TapeCanadian Dollars $Top Snapper Canvas Tool For snapping and unsnapping your boat top or cover. Two blades cover all of your snapping needs. The long blade is ideal for use from the inside, the short blade is ideal for snaps on the outside. The tools notched blades simply slip over the cap or shoulder of the snap and enable you to push or pull the snap into place. Stainless steel blade.# 0081$ 29.99Ironwood Snap SettertoolWith snap-shaped dies welded directly to a rugged locking plier, the Snap Setter snap setting tool is designed to install the cap (dome) of the snap directly to the canvas. The locking plier design provides greater leverage than die and-peg snap tools, and makes canvas snap installation quick and easy. # 0084$ 74.00Marine Rigging TapeUnlike conventional tapes, this tape has no adhesives.It bonds to itself only when stretched!This means that there is on adhesive left on the surface when removed.After 2 minutes the tape forms a chemical bond to itself and is waterproof.It insulates as well (electrical).Withstands salt water, acids and fuels and is UV resistant.Uses-turnbuckles, spreader ends, electrical insulation, ends of rope, emergency hose repair.This is great stuff! Peter RIGGING TAPE #59061White1" x 16\' $ 19.95/roll SELF-BONDING#RE3866Black1" x 15\' $ 24.95/rollMast Boot TapeSame as above but wider. #590624"wide x 40" long $ 34.95/roll #RE3941 4"wide x 100" long 59.95/rollSail Repair TapeWhite heavy duty sail repair tape.#PSP200-502" x 6\'$ 17.00/rollSail Patch Repair TapeExcellent resistance to tearing in any direction, very aggressive adhesive, works on damp sails. Transparent colour suitable for any sail. Tape is lightweight and flexible.#RE38433 x 15$ 29.95Spinnaker Repair TapeFor emergency use on sails. Provides on the spot repairs. Adheres instantly on contact. Conforms to the shape of the sail. Prevents against sail chafe. #RE11402" X 15"$ 17.00214 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'