b'Stanchions $ All Prices in 221Canadian Dollars $Our Stanchions are made from high quality polished stainless steel. Tapered tube, 25mm (1) outside diameter. Solid stainless steel shaped plug screwed in at top end, bored for lifeline. Stainless steel ferrule fitted in lower hole on two-hole stanchions to prevent chafe.Stainless Tapered Stanchion With heavy duty support.ForDouble lifelines # CS7$ 239.95Stainless Tapered Stanchion With black plastic top.For double Lifelines. # CS27$ 59.00Stainless Tapered Stanchion As us by CS and C &C and many others.For double Lifelines.# SS24$ 65.00Stainless Tapered Stanchion With tube top, for double lifelines.#54001 $ 59.00Solid Aluminum Stanchion (As used by CS).#481093$ 159.95Stainless Tapered Stanchion Same as solid aluminum stanchion, but in stainless with 1"dia, top.For double lifelines.(no picture) # 54005$ 65.00Stanchion SupportStainless rod with welded tube and set screw.Fits over and existing stantion.Easy installation.For 1"dia. #6241-208$ 79.00 For 7/8"dia. #6241-208-7/878.00Welded Flat Top StanchionStainless tube with flat welded top.1"DIA. Single lifeline#HMP-1 $ 89.001"DIA. Double lifeline#HMP-299.007/8"DIA. Single lifeline #HMP-389.007/8"DIA.Double lifeline#HMP-499.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 221'