b'232 $ All Prices in Motor BracketCanadian Dollars $Heavy Duty Adjustable Outboard Motor Brackets4-Stroke Motor BracketOutboard 4-Stroke Motor Bracket 35HP Four Stroke Adjust your trolling or auxiliary motor to fiveMotor Bracketvertical running positions for changing water or load conditions. The anodized aluminum#_1820 $ 364.95bracket is built to handle the increased weight and torque output of todays four strokes withThere is a reason that a long or short shafts. Hand-adjustable with4 stroke model costs just the turn of a knob, stainless steel torsionmore.The aluminum bars springs counterbalance motor weight makingare much larger and the adjustments a breeze while the 2-thick,springs much stronger.extra-wide mounting board, along with aircraft- It is not safe to use a type stainless steel hardware deliver heavy- 4 stroke motor on a 2 duty performance.Up to 35HP & 263lbs. stroke mount!-Peter10" of vertical travel.2- Stroke Adjustable Outboard Motor Bracket Outboard motor bracket for 2-stroke motors. Features anodized aluminum frame construction and nylon anti-friction washers.Polypropylene motor mountoffers14-1/2"ofverticaladjustment.Includesstainlesssteel counterbalancing torsion springs to make motor lifting easy. Recommended for up to 20h.p.motors. Not for use with 4-stroke engines.#1410 $ 214.95Replacement Parts#007107 Compression Spring 15.00 #007108 Torsion Spring (2 Required) 29.00eaDAVIS O/B UNIVERSAL EXTENSION HANDLE #1440 $74.95HANDI-MATEOutboard Extension HandleNew access hole for kill buttonNon-slip comfort gripTough polycarbonate head clamps over existing handle gripDoes not affect throttle tension adjustmentExtends handle from 30" to 47" maximum232 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'