b'Struts $ All Prices in 235Canadian Dollars $Tiller Strap & CapThe T700SC 3/4" Shaft Tiller Strap and Cap is a precision casting for accuracy and strength. Mounts with two 1/4-20 FHMS provided with the assembly. The key way in the cap is on the forward centerline. The T702SC and T705SC Tiller Strap and Cap are sold cast manganese bronze and are assembled with stainless steel fasteners. 5/16 holes in the strap are provided for fasteners or rivet pins. Key way is on aft centerline. Description Key Size Tiller WidthNo.Price3/4" Tiller Strap and Cap 3/161-5/16#T700SC$ 499.001" Tiller Strap and Cap1/41-3/4#T745SC$ 543.001-1/8" Tiller Strap and Cap1/41-3/4#T702SC$ 543.001-1/4" Tiller Strap and Cap1/41-3/4#T705SC$ 543.00Bronze Struts With Spartan Water-Lubricated BearingSpartan Marine offers a complete series of solid cast Bronze Struts. Each piece is complete with a genuine Spartan Water-Lubricated Bearing tested for log life performance. The bearings are installed to ABYC standards. A bearing specification column is provided that lists the typical size bearing each strut is outfitted with. Additional sizes may be available upon request. Additional sizes may be available upon request. The S844P and S844S are port and starboard configurations and should be ordered separately for a set. The S620 Strut is designed for a thru-hull installation. This allows some flexibility for changing the angles of the strut and bearing below the hull. Struts S844 and S619 are off-set struts and angle Y provides the off-set in degrees.The chart and illustrations #20A & 20B below offer an analysis of the dimensions and specifications for choosing the right strut for your application.$ POA 641.00 POAemail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 235'