b'Stuffing Boxes $ All Prices in 239Canadian Dollars $ALBION PACKING HOOK SIZE 1 6-1/4"This is a flexible tool to remove packing.Simply screw into pack and pull it out.Makes the job easy.Please note there is no return on tools.#PH1 $21.95Stuff Box/Thru-Hull AssemblyThis Box/Thru-Hull series is available complete with or without a water-lubricated bearing installed. Basic unit consists of a thru-hull, stuff box, hose, clamps, and nuts packed. Where noted, a water lubricated bearing is fitted into the thru-hull portion.Part #SizeA1471 Box/Thru-Hull AssemblyA1481-1/8 Box/Thru-Hull AssemblyA1491-1/4 Box/Thru-Hull AssemblyA2781-1/2 Box/Thru-Hull AssemblyRudder Port 1-1/4"Cast bronze, full notched nuts 3/8 thick base x 3-3/4 square mounts with four 3/8 fasteners. A solid bronze back-up P616B is provided for thru bolting. Order separately.Part #SizePriceP6161-1/4 Rudder Port$548.00P616B1-1/4 Rudder Port110.00Stuff Box HoseStrong rubber with four-ply reinforced construction. Used to connect stuff box to shaft log. Use double hose clamping where possible.Part #SizePrice#H4501-1/2ID x 4-1/2 Stuff Box Hose$26.95#H4511-3/4ID x 4-1/2 Stuff Box Hose27.95#H4652ID x 4-1/2 Stuff Box Hose27.95#H4542-1/4ID x 5 Stuff Box Hose28.95#H4552-1/2ID x 5 Stuff Box Hose32.00#H4563ID x 5 Stuff Box Hose41.00Stuff Box PackingFlax Packing for propeller shafts and rudder shafts.Constructed from ramie and flax fibers.Uniformley square braided with a lubricant and waterproofing compond.#58400-0001 1/8" x 24" long$ 16.50 #58400-0002 3/16" x 18" long16.75#58400-0003 1/4" x 18" long17.50#58400-0004 5/16" x 18" long19.50 #58400-0005 3/8" x 18" long28.00 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 239'