b'256 $ All Prices in PortsCanadian Dollars $CAM LATCHES.Stronger than knobs or levers.These are greatHMP!Cam latches enable the port to be opened and closed with a flip. Cam latches are self-lubricating, non-fouling, anti-vibrational, positive closures the adjust in increments of 90 degrees. NOTE: Cam latches are available to retrofit your older Beckson Ports and fit many other manufactures\' opening ports.It is much faster and convient to open and close a port with these camswe like them alot!Model No.Description PRICE Model No. Description PRICE#PRK-B Cam latch only,Black,pair $ 19.95 #PRKAB Complete assembly, Black,pair $ 27.95#PRK-WCam latch only,White,pair19.95#PRKAW Complete assembly,White,pair27.95Barrel NutsShank Shank Model No. ThreadFinishPriceLengthDiameter#BB187-01.375.25 10-24Chrome $ 1.25/ea#BB187-02.50.25 10-24Chrome $ 1.32/ea#BB187-11.375.25 10-24Black $ 1.25/ea#BB250-01.50.25 1/4-20Chrome $ 1.55/eaPC-Awhite $ 7.49 ea Safety-Soft Rubber HoldersPC-Bblack $ 7.49 ea A safety-soft rubber holder designed to be fastened on the overhead or the cabin wall. When installed, the fork on the lens passes over the bell of the port holder which holds the lens in a open position.Vent Model No.Vent Model No.#C-3#C-2 Overall Size: 7-3/8 L x 2-1/2 Overall Size: 8W x 1-1/4 HL x 5-1/2 W x$ 32.952-5/8 H ALSO USED ON CS YACHT AS ENGINE $ 38.95 BLOWER EXHAUST AND AIRINTAKE.This vent can be easily identified because it snaps Beckson Vent over the black base which is screwed in to boat.W/Hose Adapter Base is supplied with the scoop vent.Commonly 5-1/2" x 6" x 2-1/2" used on transom for exhaust vents.#C-7 $ 74.95256 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'