b'262 $ All Prices inHatch/Port Light ScreensCanadian Dollars $Throw Over Mosquito Screen For HatchesEasily mounted mosquito net that is "thrown" over the roof hatch. The lead-free ecological weight band fixates the net so that it is firmly in place. It also works great for boats with blinds. The mosquito net is delivered in a net bag for convenient storage. Perfect option for boats with roller blinds.- Fast mount. Just hang it over the hatch Finally A Throw Over - Fast mount. Just hang it over the hatch- Mounts from the outsideScreen That DOES NOT - Mounts from the outside Contain Lead!- Mosquito free inside - Mosquito free inside- Good ventilation in the boat - Good ventilation in the boat- Ecological weight band- Ecological weight band1215 Mosquito Net - Reg.Hatch"Eco"24" x 24"$ 99.951217 Mosquito Net-Large Hatch"Eco"31" x 31" NLAPort Light Mosquito NetsSince the mosquito nets is supposed to be bigger than the hatch (with a small overlap). The size is universal and fits most shapes of hatches: square, round, rectangular and small hatches. Fits all brands of hatches. On smaller hatches the overlap will be a little bigger. Every mosquito net comes with a storage bag.- Ventilates the boat- Works on flushed hatches- Keeps out mosquitos, gnats, sand flies, No-See-Ums, wasp etc.- Pop up = 5 seconds mounting- Fast mounting with suction cup- Easy to store, folds to 1/3- Mounts from the inside- Thin, builds less than 3 mm#1220 Mosquito Net-Fd Hatch 23"X23"$ NLA#1221 Mosquito Net-Lg Hatch 31"X31" NLA #1222 Mosquito Net-Sm.Port Light 12"X16" NLA #1223 Mosquito Net-Lg.Port Light 12"X27" 40.00 #1226 Mosquito Net-Med.PortLight 10"X19 NLA262 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'