b'268 $ All Prices in Curtain TrackCanadian Dollars $The Marinetrac track is molded of the highest quality plastic; it is a multipurpose drapery track system with premolded installation holes. The unique design of the 36 molded pieces allows them to be attached firmly together end on end to form any desired drapery track length. Its compact size, thin profile and decorator styling make it a popular designer item. Marinetrac installed directly to the wall or bulkhead with screws or pop rivets, and may also be additionally secured from behind. The track is 5/8" wide and projects 3/8 from the mounting surface. It is easy to install by professional or do-it-yourself installers. Marinetrac with accessories makes a complete snap-on drapery heading system. As used on many boats for years.Molded snap carrier designed to glide easily over the track (white)Track may be easily curvedEnd cap molded of non-corrosive plastic "Dresses" the by hand up to 6" radius asends of the track and holds it in place.Used as an end track is installed. carrier to hold the end of the drapery in place.(white)Mounting of track.Snap tape, made of special nylon tape withSnap carriers slip onto the end of the track.The nickel-plated brass snaps permanentlysnap tape, sewed to the curtain, is joined to the attached on 4-1/4" centers (off white) snap carriers.With this system curtains may be snapped on and off in seconds.MARINETRAC COMPONENT PRICING3\' WHITE TRACK #92007 $ 6.90/EAWHITE TAPE#921451.80/FT. Interlock ends hold track WHITE CARRIER(SLIDE)#92146.45/EA. sections together to make END STOP WHITE#921472.45/EA possible any length of track.last 3-foot section END STOP TEAK BROWN#92147B 2.45/EA of track may be cut to length desired.268 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'