b'LED Navigation Lights $ All Prices in 27Canadian Dollars $Horizontal Mount LED Navigation Lights 89.4mm(L)x63.7mm(W)x41.8mm(H) with Plastic(PC) White Housing, Visibility 2nm00081-LD Green Starboard, 112.5, with 1x0.5W $ 19.00 00082-LD Red Port LT. 112.5, with 1x0.5W 19.00 00084-LD White Stern LT. 135, with 1x0.5W 19.00 00085-LD Red & Green Combination Bow LT. 112.5, with 2x0.5WLED 22.00Multifunctional TriColor - LED-Safety Light- USCG Approval, 2 Nautical Miles- 5 Modes: TriColor Masthead light (135 white, 112,5red, 112,5 green), BiColor side light, red side light,green side light, white Sternlight.Just push thebutton on top to change function.- floatable, waterproof and air-tight- includes Magnet bracket, mounting screw, 3 lanyards for multiple fixing and securing- powered by three AAA batteries#_305 NLA# 580032 all round white light NLA Battery Operated Navigation Lights3 pcs a set: Port, Starboard & Stern Light, Made of Plastic, Waterproof. Uses One D Cell Battery (Not Included), Height: 5-1/4" Mounting Brackets Included. Great for temporary dinghy lights or backup navigation lights. #00123 $21.50#00123-LDLED29.95 LEDemail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 27'