b'272 $ All Prices in Brass SignsCanadian Dollars $Commissioning LogThis useful record of a boats history us also a handsome enhancement for her cabin. Made in solid brass, with a highly polished finish and drilled for screws at each corner. Deep-cut engraving of the vessels commis-sioning details completes the Log. Approximately 5in (127mm) x 5.25in (133mm) and 0.2in (5mm) thick.#1713$ 25.00All signs $27.001443 Mind the No. Description1230 Admiral Step1665 God does not deduct from our allotted life-span the1233 Anchor 1306 No Smokingtime spent fishing 1431 Bosuns1441 No SpittingLocker 1440 No Swear-1576 HANDS OFF THE BARMAID ing1572 NO BLOODY SWEARING 1239 Bridge 1259 Office1261 Cabin1 1435 Powder 1675 SAVE WATER Shower with a friend 1262 Cabin 2 Room1661 All beer served on these premises has been passed by1439 Doubles Bar 1245 Privatethe landlord 1386 Entrance 1388 Public Bar1116 Exit 1534 Pull (vertical 1570 The Captains word is law 230mm)1663 CREDIT GIVEN (to customers aged over 801235 Galley 1134 Pull (vertical accompanied by both parents) 1108 Gents 130mm)1241 Guests 1584 Real Ale 1578 FREE BEER tomorrow 1242 Ladies Served 1666 God does not deduct from our allotted life-span the1698 Ladies1234 Saloontime spent drinking (symbol) 1313 Screw 1651 The management cannot accept responsibility for visi- 1252 Lounge Roomtors possessions left on the premises 1247 Manager 1309 Ships Bar1462 Members1243 Shower1652 Please check your change as errors cannot be rectifiedOnly 1438 Singles Barlater 1125 Mess 1246 Skipper272 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'