b'Clock $ All Prices in 273Canadian Dollars $Brass Fog BellHighly polished cast bronze bell with cast bronze clapper.Includes mounting bracket.Available in 6" or 8".Dia.6" #2247BR$ 72.958" #15088-BP $ 99.00The "Fastnet" LampHeat shield gimbals withParaffin Lamplamp. Overall height, including heat shield 12"Capacity 0.3lts,burning 12 hours, all brass polished and lacquered, maximum heeling angle for gimbal-30 degree, roll-unlimited.New type of#fastnet$ 199.95gimbal system. #2360GL replacement globe $9.95This British craftsman-made paraffin lamp has a highly sensitive free-Hinge chimneyswinging mechanism that maintains it upright in turbulent sea conditions. with safety fixingIt incorporates a unique heat shield, which gimbals with the lamp, as screw. a special safety feature. The lamp is additionally fitted with a carrying Carrying handle for portable use. handle, so that it can be sassily lifted out of its frame for portable use.Brass ClockHighly polished cast brass clock with quartz movement maintains accurate time within 15 seconds per month. Brass face with roman numerals, 24hr ships time and seconds. Bezel threads to case. Heavy beveled glass provides strength and elegance. Uses one AA battery. Mounts on bulkhead or wall. Base dia. 4-5/8, depth 2-5/8.#2370BR$ 109.00$ 219.95 bought as a pair !Brass BarometerHighly polished cast brass barometer. The case is cast and machined with bezel ring threaded on the case. Heavy beveled glass provides strength and elegance. Barometer face has brass with recessed etched graduations. Aneroid movement precisely measures barometric pressure. Reference needle can be positioned over reading needle to determine rise or fall in barometric pressure. Mounts on bulkhead or wall. Base Dia. 4-5/8, depth 2-5/8.#2376BR $ 129.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 273'