b'Nova Kool Refrigeration $ All Prices in 295Canadian Dollars $Nova Kool RefrigerationAvailable in 3 configurations,RT6 box type, F plate type, and RT4 small box type. All are sold completely charged with the danfoss compressor and line set.RT6 Freezer Box (complete kit with compressor)May be mounted vertical or horizontal.Internal volume 0.54 cuft.Dimensions: 14" long x 6.75" high x 11" deep, 12cu/ft capacity.#LT201-RT6with DC module$1239.95#LT201-RT6ACwith AC/DC module1359.95F Plate configuration (complete kit with compressor)Efficient 3 plate efficient design.Dimensions: 16" x 10", Plates can be separated up to 18"Used for all refrigerator or all freezer or a spill over combination of refriger-ator and freezer.12cu/ft capacity.#LT201-F with DC module $ 1239.95#LT201-FACwith AC/DC module1359.95RT4 freezer box (complete kit with compressor)Dimensions:10.5" long x 12.5" high x 6.5"wide.Used for a refrigerator that requires a small freezer compartment in the same space.#LT201-RT4with DC module $ 1239.95#LT201-RT4AC with AC/DC module1359.95LT201 Included with all kits.Condensing unit, designed to couple up with our cooling plates.Variable speed compressor.Reusable couplings between unit and cooling plates.High efficient air cooled condenser for high ambient applications.134a refrigerant, 12volt DC.Standard line set is 12ft.Dimensions:7 1/2" High, 11"Long, 9" Wide.Features:*Small foot print for easy mounting *3 plates for maximum capacity *Thermostat controlled for a wide range of settings *Powder coated galvanized base is corrosion resistant and easy to clean *Fan cooled condenser increases efficiency *DC compressor is quiet, vibration free, safe and dependable *Pure DC unit minimizes RF noise and Electrolysisthermostat*Designed to operate at a constant angle of 30 degrees *Unit is shipped with everything you need to complete the installation email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 295'