b'296 $ All Prices in Nova Kool RefrigerationCanadian Dollars $LT201 Series Of Ice Box Conversion KitsEfficient Danfoss BD series compressorsSelf sealing couplings (unit is pre charged with refrigerant) Evaporators are supplied with 12 ft line sets, 18 ft is optional Efficient air cooled condenser, will provide years of simple reliable service in the tropicsCondenser is sized specifically to ensure capacity in the hottest of climatesVariable speed compressor (adjusted by changing the resistance in control circuit) 18 GA powder coated steel with a compact foot print Backed with Nova*Kools Easy 2 Year Warranty Program on all components Environmentally sound 134a refrigerantCompressor designed to run continuously on a 30 deg healLow battery protection to help prevent full discharge of batteries Low amperage fan 12VDCEverything is in the box, you just need an insulated box and a wire for power.Power ConsumptionThe control module is field adjustable and allows the compressor to run at variable speeds.By changing the control resistor from 0 to 1500 ohms, or any resistance in between, will change the speed of the compressor which increases or decreases the capacity of your unit.No resistor is slow speed, 2.2 amps on 12 vdc. (for a smaller cooler)500 ohm resistor is medium speed and draws 3.8 amps on 12vdc.( For a larger cooler)1500 ohm resistor is high speed and draws 6 amps on 12vdc (larger freezers or coolers)296 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'