b'Installing a Nova Kool $ All Prices in 297Canadian Dollars $Things you should be thinking about before you cut your first hole. Condensing unit (motor) 1. Where do you want to mount the condensing unit?Closets, cupboards, bilge, engine room, lazarette, are all good locations .Remember no matter where you mount it, your unit will need ventilation. We recommend 120 sq in of ventilation, ideally 60 coming from the cabin and 60 going back out of the cabin.Check vents in the index for teak, stainless or plas-tic louvers. 2. Do you have access to power close by?The shorter the run the smaller the wire gauge. Most installations require a minimum of 10 gauge wire, and it gets heavier the farther away the unit is from the batterys 3. How far is the cooler or freezer going to be from the condensing unit?Remember the standard Nova Kool kit comes with 12 ft (4 m) of refrigerant line between the evaporator and the unit. If you need more it is a special order from Nova Kool.Where Can A Nova Kool Kit go?Almost anywhere as long as you have 12volt DC power, a well insulated cold box and keep the size within reason. Who can install a Nova Kool KitIf you are handy with hand tools then you can get right at it, If not find a friend who is handy or call us at Holland Marine and we can walk you through it.It is really not that difficult, I have installed at least 10 units. Everything is in the box, you just need an insulated box and a wire for power.Evaporator Side (Cold plates) Are you building a cooler, a freezer or a spill over ?A spill over application is when you have one cooler box and you want to make this box part freezer and part cooler. This is done by putting a dividing wall between the cooler and the freezer. It would have a hole at the bottom of the divider to let the cold air from the freezer enter the refrigerator side and a slot at the top of the divider to allow the warm refrigerator air return to the freezer. For this ap-plication and all freezer and all refrigerator we recommend a LT 201 with F pates plates.How Big Can I Go?This is a guide line only, and is based on your cooler or freezer being used as a holding unit only. (what you put in must be cold for a cooler and frozen for a freezer) The chart below is based on a well built, top opening box with foam insulation. Ambient temperature 90F (32C). Target Refrigerator temperature at 39F (4C) Target Freezer temperature at 15F (-10C)1 inch foam insulation2 inch foam insulation3 inch foam insulation4 inch foam insulation 6 inch foam insul.100% Cooler 100% Cooler 100% Cooler 100% Cooler100% Cooler4 cu.ft. 6 cu.ft.10 cu.ft.14 cu.ft.18 cu.ft.100% Freezer 100% Freezer 100% Freezer100% Freezer 100% Freezer2cu.ft. 3 cu.ft.5 cu.ft.7 cu.ft. 9 cu.ft.Spill Over CoolerSpill Over CoolerSpill Over CoolerSpill Over CoolerSpill Over CoolerFreezerFreezer Freezer Freezer Freezer. 1 cu.ft. Freezer.2 cu.ft. Freezer3 cu.ftFreezer4 cu.ft. Freezer 4 cu.ft. Freezer 3cu.ft. Cooler 4 cu.ft. Cooler7 cu.ft.Cooler 8 cu.ft.Cooler 11 cu.ft. Cooleremail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 297'