b'298 $ All Prices in Refrigeration PartsCanadian Dollars $Danfoss Refrigeration ModuleThe key for knowing what module you will need is the number of connector pins that are on the compressor.There are only 2 types.3 pins or 4 pins. Older compressors used a 4 pin module (no longer made) and the newer compressors use a 3 pin module.In about 1990 Danfoss went from a 4 pin module to a 3 pin module.We at Holland Marine have both the Danfoss 3 pin module and we have a 4 pin module available as well!Danfoss Style Standard Refrigeration ModuleNew Style 3 pin module.After about 1990.(pls check your module, there is no return on a module)#E1207$ 229.00 This is the 3 pin Plug.4-Pin Refrigeration ModuleOld Style 4 pin module.Pre about 1990.(pls check your module, there is no return on a module).Since the Danfoss module is no longer made we went and found a great quality after-market module.We have tested this module on HMP and several other "test" boatsThis is the 4 pin and have no failures yet!Plug.#3033$ 269.00NovaKool ThermostatWill run any 12volt refrigeration system.Direct replacement for NovaKool System.Can also be used to control a small fan to circulate the air in the fridge.Without Housing#1055763$ 54.95With Housing# 84157999.00Nova Kool FanNova Kool direct replacement fan.Will work with other systems as well. 12volt.#FAN$ 59.00Circulating FanVery low draw, very small and "silent" fan.This fan will circulate the air in your refrigerator to make an even temperature thru out the box!We have done this on HMP and we love it!!12volt 0.15AMP .#FAN1NLA298 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'