b'304 $ All Prices in Kenyon Stove PartsCanadian Dollars $KENYON Stove Replacement Parts.Pressurized Alcohol Order Description PRICENumberB93004 Tank Assy, W/ Pump, Check Valve, Fill Cap 406 $331.00B93005 Wrench (For B93014 Check Valve) 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 H525 46.00B93006 Washer, Burner All Pressurized Alcohol Stoves 2 PcH230711.00B93007 Nozzle All Pressurized Alcohol Stoves H1117 2 Pc18.50B93008 Spindle Assembly All Pressurized Alcohol Stoves 2 Pc H1123 66.50B93009 Outer/Inner Caps All Pressurized AlcoholH1127/1128 2 Sets40.75B93010 Gasket (For B93015 Fill Cap) 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 H1221 2 Pc6.50B93011 Pump 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 H1231 48.00B93012 U-Cup (For B93011 Pump) 103,126,203,205,206,209,406,707 H1233 2 Pc14.95B93013 Cleaning Needle All Pressurized Alcohol Stoves 240-149 2 Pc 21.25B93014 Check Valve 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 H1332 24.95B93015 Fill Cap 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 H1333 33.50B93016 Filter 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 141-107 2 Pc 14.75B93017 Control Shaft Pin 126,205,790 Gimbal H2302 2 Pc16.00B93018 Burner, Alcohol 103,203,206,209,406 H1322 226.00B93019 Burner, Alcohol 126,205 H1324240.00B93020 Tank Assy, W /Pump, Check Valve, Fill Cap 205 H1335292.00B93021 Tank Assy, W /Pump, Check Valve, Fill Cap 206,209 H1336 320.00B93025 Alcohol Burner Rebuild Kit 103,126,203,205,206,209,406 H2300 59.25B93029 Alcohol Burner Rebuild Kit 500,505,550,555,707 H2301nlaB93034 Alcohol Control Wheel Kit 103,203,206,209,406 H1150 88.75B93037 Feed Pipe Assy 206,209,406 H1152 2 Pc31.50B93041 Control Stem W/Pin (Not Predrilled) 103,203,206,209,406 H127321.25B93044 Grate 103,205,206,209,219,255,550,555 H2162nlaB93045 Grate (Alc / Elect Combo) 203,406 H1911m40.75B93047 Grate Studs W/Screws(Use With B93044) 103,206,209 H2187 3 PcnlaB93048 Grate Studs W/Screws(Use With B93045) 203,406 H1914 3 Pc39.00B93050 Lidstay Arm 206,214,219,406 H1057 2 Pc27.75B93051 Grommet & Retainer 214,406 H1064/H119314.75B93057 Pump Leathers 205,206 Old Style H886 2 Pc 42.50B93059 Filter, String 550,555,707,708 041028 4 Pc15.00B93061 Copper Washer For Tank Nut 103,203,206,209,406 H1104 2 Pc9.25B93068 Grate Stud W/Screws 219 H2220 3 PcnlaModel Model126 205Model206304 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'