b'Cabin Heaters $ All Prices in 309Canadian Dollars $Newport Propane Fireplace #P9000$ 999.95Lovely little heater/fireplace. Ideal for boats up to 30/32 ft. The combustion process is completely isolated from the inside of the boat by the unique, direct vent design. A built-in blower provides good heat circulation. Heater is sold with all accessories including a stainless steel backing plate and 28 of flexible, double stainless chimney. Safe, easy to use and extremely economical.9000 BTUOptional AccessoriesExtension Direct Vent Pipe Kit - 2.5in x 28in C/W Coupling Sleeves Newport Propane Fireplace #P12000 $ 1089.00Same as above, but 12000BTU.A nice compact heater. I have had one on my boat for over 20 years. It Cozy Cabin Heaterworks great !PeterFeatures:This heater will warm your cabin by producing up to 6000Height 16-1/2" BTUs of vented dry heat. A Piezo spark ignition with push-to-turn control knob makes the Cozy Cabin heater virtuallyWidth 7.5"childproof. Safety is further enhanced with no standing pilot light or matches required. As well, the control valveDepth 7"incorporates a thermocouple that provides 100% gas shut-off, should the flame ever be extinguished. An oxygen depletion sensor closes the gas valve whenever the cabin oxygenFluelevel drops below 95% of normal levels. This unit mounts to Connection 1"bulkhead, and includes deck cap assembly and guard. #10000Propane Or Butane $ 799.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 309'