b'PDQ Yacht Parts $ All Prices in 321Canadian Dollars $We we were at the PDQ Auction and bought most of the parts that were available.We purchased stainless rails, prop shafts, moldings, windows, and generally most parts that were used in the manufacutring of these boats.As this all hapened back in 2007/08 most parts have been sold, but here are some parts that we still have.This is not a complete list of the parts.All Parts listed are original PDQ parts purchased from the original company.These parts are limited to stock on hand.when they are gone.PDQ Fixed Windows PDQ Transom MoldingAvailable in 2 sizes. Windows haveThis is the molding that covers the "white dots".hull to deck connection around the 11-1/2" x 31" $ 45.00 transom.Sold by the foot.$ 30.00/ft10" x 36"60.00PDQ Power Cat Rudder Used on MV32,may have beenPDQ Davit used on other cats made.BronzePort and Starboard versions.These are Blade with stainless shaft. a 3 leg tripod style.Not sure which boats $ 350.00 each these are used on. PDQ Edge MoldingSold by the foot.This is the small molding PDQ Power Cat Bow Rail that goes around the fiberglass edges.2 pcs original bow rail.Polished Stainless 1" tubing.For the MV32. $499.00PDQ Propeller Shaftsstainless.Several in strock including thePDQ Hatch Trim RingsMV32.We also have stern tubes withInside white trim rings for the hatches.All beraring in stock as well. sizes in stock in white.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 321'