b'Hood Yacht Systems $ All Prices in 329Canadian Dollars $Furlers - Sea FlexSea FlexH10000Price:$ 899.95THE SMALL BOAT FURLER WITH BIG BOAT PERFORMANCE for Yachts 18\' to 26\' with wire diameter up to 3/16 forestay.The SEA FLEX offers a flexible, easy to fit plastic furler, ideal for smaller boats Incorporating all the design experience of Hood Yacht Systems the SEA FLEX offers a low weight low cost resolution to smaller, dayboat sailing.FEATURES INCLUDE:*Flexible, single piece plastic extrusion.*Stainless steel cable co-extruded into the luff foil to minimize twist. *Halyard swivel ball bearing races for proper tensioning of halyard.*Tapered drive unit for clean sail entry.*Tough UV stabilised plastic PVC and Delrin materials.*Easy installation - no requirement for removing headstay from mast.*Removable drum covers and guard for performance sailing.*Low friction furling bearings.*Big boat style system on a smallboat budget.*1/4", 5/16", 3/8" pins supplied with every system.The SEA FLEX is flexible and easyto install. It includes 33 feet of flexibleplastic extrusion ensuring rapid jamb free furling of the sail.Roller Furling FairleadThis versatile fitting may be mounted on stanchion or base from 7/8 to 1 diameter and allows control line to be located either inside or outside of stanchions. The fitting is easily installed and eliminates the need of drilling holes. Fairleads are available with either a phenolic bulls eye or bushed for wire.*Will accommodate larger sizes with longer clamp. #40-501Phenolic Bulls-eye $ 32.95#40-502S.S. Bushed Bulls-eye59.95 Furling Lead Block#RF3 $ 59.95Stanchion mount block.Designed for leading the headsail furling lines.Ball bearing.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 329'