b'Hood Yacht Systems $ All Prices in 331Canadian Dollars $Furlers - Sea Furl 5$1970.00tem Description:The new SEAFURL 5 sets a new standard in furling systems. Designed for blue water and coastal sailing and engineered for the most formidable conditions.FEATURES INCLUDE:*Hybrid stainless steel and TorlonTM bearing system.*Full split drum for fast conversion to racing.*Polished stainless steel drum cover.*Patented double swivel system offering the ultimate in sail shaping and control.*Split splice sections for easy assembly. **Aerodynamic, lightweight and torque resistant extrusion with dual aft facingluff groove.*Full length split bearing tube.*Lifetime warranty.All these features and more are available at a price that sinks the competition!Note: System accommodates a 40\' / 12.2mm headstay. Additional extrusion lengths can be purchased253-Sea Furl 5 - Wire-3/16", Pin-3/8"H253-0612-7BB253-Sea Furl 5 - Wire-7/32", Pin-7/16"H253-0714-7BB253-Sea Furl 5 - Wire-1/4", Pin-7/16"H253-0814-7BB253-Sea Furl 5 - Wire-1/4", Pin-1/2"H253-0816-7BB 253-Sea Furl 5 - Wire-9/32", Pin-1/2"H253-0916-7BB253-Sea Furl 5 - Wire-1/4", Pin-3/8"H253-0812-7BBemail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 331'