b"334 $ All Prices inEasymatic Mainsheet SystemCanadian Dollars $A mainsheet system with 2 speedsEasymatic mainsheet systems feature a patented double servocleat on thebottom block to allow 2-speed operation from one, compact system. Simply pull on both line tails for fast mainsail adjustment and pull on one tail for double powered fine tuning.These systems are great for racers and cruisers. Catamaran sailorsespecially appreciate being able to trim in the main fast at the leeward mark yet have the power of the second speed for fine tuning of the last few feet.Easymatic mainsheet systems are a wonderful upgrade for people sailingshort handed or those who feel their present system just isnt powerful enough.There are two series available, Series I for boats up to 32' and Series 2 for boats up to 42'. Both feature extra large diameter bearings forhigh load carrying ability with minimal friction.The Endless Mainsheet SystemEasymatic mainsheet systems can be ordered fromHolland Marine as individual blocks or a completesystem with the line lead and end-for-end spliced. The advantage of an endless mainsheet is that the line will last a long time because wear is divided alongthe entire length of line, not just one section constantly.Splicing instructions included with all Easymatic mainsheetblocks. NF 34110Easymatic 2Bottom Block $ 455.00Easymatic 2 bottom block.Note the patented double servo camcleat which makes these blocks unique from any other 1st GEAR: Used to haul in 2nd GEAR: Used to fine mainsheet systems available.mainsheet as fast as possible- tune or simply bring in the Easymatic mainsheet systemsgreat for transition from last few feet of mainsheetallow the boat owner todownwind sailing to hard on when going to weather- convert to a multi-powered the wind. doubled ratio means half system in minutes.the sheeting effort.334 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639"