b'Easymatic Mainsheet System$ All Prices in 335Canadian Dollars $Easymatic 2 6:1/3:1Easymatic 2 NF 34150 Top Block, triplesheave with swivel.FOR BOATS UP TO 42\' $ 285.00Use the Easymatic 2 mainsheet system for boats up to 42\'. They are an easy upgrade for peopleNF 34130 Bottom Block,sailing shorthanded or those not satisfied withquadruple sheave withthe power of their present system. By simplyswivel and double servounscrewing a few pinshackles your mainsheetcamcleat.system is instantly upgraded! $ 399.00To determine mainsheet length, simply push the boom out NF 34420 Complete Systemtowards downwind position as far as it will go.including two blocks andMeasure the 110\' of 3/8" Dacron linedistance between blocks and multiply by maximumwith end-for-end splice.# ofpurchase. Add 20% to this to allow for a$ 759.00comfortable tail length.Easymatic 2 8:1/4:1EXAMPLE: 35\' boat with blocks 15\' apart inNF 34160 Top Block, quad-downwind position with an 8:1/4:1 system needs 15\'ruple sheave with swivel.x 8 = 120\' + 20% (24\') = 144\' (add 3 extra feet if you plan to make an end-for-end splice). $ 247.00The advantage of the Easymatic 2 mainsheetNF 34110 Bottom Block,system to racers is the ability to haul in the mainsailquintuple sheave with swivelquickly at the leeward mark and have doubleand double servo camcleat.power for the last 3 feet of fine tune. All this from on lightweight system! $ 455.00NF 34430 Complete Systemincluding two blocks and140\' of 3/8" Dacron linewith end-for-end splice.$ 753.00Easymatic 2 8:1/4:1NF 34170Top Blocks,The NF 34430, Easymatic 2 Mainsheet systemdouble sheave with swivel.allows for fast 4:1 sheeting on reaches and at $ 245.00ealeeward marks. By pulling on only one sheet tail, the systems power is instantly doubled to NF 34110 Bottom Block,8:1 for the last 3 feet of fine tune adjustment. quintuple sheave with swiveland double servo camcleat.At Holland Marine we will make up any$ 455.00custom system in house. Just let usknowNF 34440 Complete Systemthe length of your old mainsheet and oldincluding three blocks andpurchase.We will make the neccessary140\' of 3/8" Dacron linecalculations to customize the system towith end-for-end splice.your needs. $ 899.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 335'