b'336 $ All Prices inEasymatic Mainsheet SystemCanadian Dollars $FOR BOATS UP TO 32\'Use the Easymatic 1 mainsheet systemsEasymatic 1 4:1/2:1on this page for boats up to 32\'. WhenNF34080 Top Block withsupplying your own line choose a 3/8"swivel, double sheave.diameter line with a smooth cover to run$ 129.00freely through the system.You might be able to use the line fromNF34010 Bottom blockyour existing mainsheet blocks assumingwith swivel, triple sheave.its in good shape and long enough. To$ 479.00measure for mainsheet length, simply pushNF34460 Complete systemyour boom out as far as it would ever goincluding two blocks andand measure the distance between the60\' of 3/8" Dacron linemainsheet with end for end splice.blocks. Multiply by the maximum $ 622.00purchase and add an additional 20% for a comfortable tail length.EXAMPLE: A 27\' boat with blocks 10\' apart when the boom is in downwind positionEasymatic 16:1/3:1using a 6:1/3:1 system needs 10\' x 6 (max purchase) = 60\' + 20% (12\') = 72\' ofNF34070 Top block withmainsheet line (if you plan to end-for-endswivel, triple sheave.splice, add 3\' of additional line). $ 199.00NF34040 Bottom blockwith swivel, quadruplesheave.$ 399.00NF34410 Complete systemincluding two blocks and 90\'of 3/8" Dacron line with end-for-end splice. $ 749.00 Add an Easymatic mainsheet system to your boat and makesailing easier and more enjoyablethan it already is!336 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'