b'34 $ All Prices in Navigation LightsCanadian Dollars $ Tricolour/Anchor 20m / 65ft 25W (tricolour)2nm 10W (anchor)2nm Black Base 12V 40700-7$ 259.00Tricolour/Anchor quickfit for vessels 20m / 65ft 25W (tricolour)2nm 10W (anchor)2nm Black Base 12V 40706-7 $339.95Stainless Steel FixedSpreader LightNUMBERLENGTHVOLTAGECANDLE POWERFASTENE# 4052204-3/4" 12V 3000#10 $ 74.00Stainless Steel AdjustableSpreader LightNUMBERLENGTHVOLTAGECANDLE POWERFASTENER# 4052104-1/2"12V 3000 #10 $ 89.00Combination Bow / Foredeck LightBlack PolymerCombination Spreader and Deck Illumination Lights12 Volt (Included)Projection Overall: 4-3/4"Screw Size: #10# 120 BMD DP1 $149.95Deck Mount LightAll s.s. construction, head can be rotated in any direction, also tilted. Head is removable for hand held operation.Total Height: 9Diameter: 4-1/255w200,000 Candle Power.#01602-WB$ 45.0034 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'