b'342 $ All Prices in Snatch BlocksCanadian Dollars $Series 150 Snatch Block Series 150 snatch blocks are intended for use as Genoa and spinnaker leads on boats not over 25\' LOA. These blocks have the following features: Cheeks of soft, resilient compound protect the boats finish and reduce clatter. Very lightweight, with 2" (51mm) diameterplastic sheave grooved for 7/16" diameter line. Stainless steel frame and loading strap. Available in black only. Non-Trunnion ModelNF 10152BDeforms at 2000 Ibs(9OOkg)Trunnion ModelNF 10156BDeforms at 2000 Ibs(9OOkg)RF6710BLK RF6711BLK(NF10152B) (NF10156B)Series 160 Snatch BlockSeries 160 snatch blocks are an intermediate series designed for use on LIGHTDISPLACEMENT, high performance boats between 24\' and 30\' (7.3m and 9.7m) LOA. Cheeks of black, soft, resilient compound protect boats finish and reduce chatter. Sheaves are 2 1/2" 63.5mm) white Delrin, grooved for 1/2" (13mm) dia. line. Swivel and trunnion snap shackles available in Series160. Stainless steel frame and loading strap. RF6720BLK RF6721BLK(NF10160B) (NF10168B)Product No.Description Sheave dia.Deforms AtWeight Pricemm(in.)kg(lb)g (oz.)RF6710BLKSnatch Block, blackNF10152B 51 (2) 900 (2000)250(8.8)$ 179.95RF6711BLKSnatch Block, trunnion, black NF10156B 51 (2) 900 (2000)260(9.2)$ 219.95RF6720BLKSnatch Block, blackNF10160B 64 (2-1/2) 1800 (4000 480(16.9) NLARF6721BLKSnatch Block, trunnion, black NF10168B 64 (2-1/2) 1800 (4000)510(18.0) $ 299.95342 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'