b'Snatch Blocks/Vangs $ All Prices in 343Canadian Dollars $Series 120 Snatch BlockSnatch blocks are a tough and reliable solution for temporary leads and line deflection. Simple and quick to deploy, they can be easily opened when the load is released. The standard snap shackle head allows the block to swivel through 360. Soft resilient cheeks reduce clatter and protect gelcoat and painted surfaces. Attachment point provided for shock cord hanger.Series 120 is one of Ronstan\'s standard snatch block series. They have the following special features in addition to those common to all Nicro snatch blocks:. Aluminum sheaves are hard cote annodized for a finish that is extremely salt water resistant-will not flake or chip either. Sheaves are grooved for 5/8"RF6730RF6741. Extra wide stainless steel frames extend the full diameter of the sheave to prevent lines from jamming between sheave and cheeks Roller bearings for low friction operation Soft, resilient cheek to protcct boats finish, and reduce clatter.Available in white or black.Product No.Description Part NumberDeforms AtWeightPricekg(lb)g (oz.)RF6730BLKSnatch Block, roller bearing, BlackNF10120B2300 (5000) 550(19.4)$ 277.95RF6741BLKSnatch Block, trunnion, roller bearing, blackNF10125B3175 (7000)610(21.5)329.95BoomkickerBoomkickers are the simple, affordable solution to supporting the boom and eliminating the chafe, hang-ups and adjustments of a topping lift. Boat performance is improved with less weight and windage aloft. In light air, lifting the boom opens the leech for a faster sail shape and more speed. Reefing is safer and easier with better boom control. The simple design eliminates friction and sliding parts. Flexing spring provides fast response and a near constant force for higher vang efficiency. Mast fitting slides in the luff groove to eliminate drilling in the mast. Easy installation independent of the vang with no need to replace existing hardware. Fittings, fasteners, drill and tap included for a complete package.Part # Boat Size Inital Pin - Pin MinimumMaximumStroke InitialPricePin - Pin Force 1 2 Min.3 #K0750 19-25\' 36" 26" 250lbs 11" - 6" $ 319.95#K0800 25-27\' 45" 35" 300lbs 15" - 6" $ 369.95#K1000 25-30\' 45" 35" 400lbs 15" - 6" $ 369.95#K1250 30-34\' 53" 43" 500lbs 16" - 9" $ 429.95#K1500 30-38\' 53" 43" 600lbs 16" - 9" $ 439.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 343'