b'Snap Shackles $ All Prices in 369Canadian Dollars $Bronze Fixed Bail Shackles Latch Shackle Lanyards Forging is better than casting whenWill not flog open.One handFor Snap Shackles it comes to soft metals such asopen and close operation.Pre- And Snatch Blocksbronze.Nicro Bronze snap shacklescision investment cast 17-4 PH are forged, for greater strength. stainless steel.Deforms at 7000 lbsRF6000 RF6002 2.75 oz.#NF13440 #NF13442#NF14810Stainless Steel Fixed BailSnap Shackles-investment cast of 17-4 PH stainlessLanyard. For use on snap shackles,snatch blocks, zippers, or anythingthat is hard to hold or pull. Easy but secure attachment is achieved by lacing the lanyards two loops around RF6100RF6200a ring and then pulling the braided A - 5/8 in. A - 1 in. portion of the lanyard through the B - 19/32 in. B - 3/4 in. loops. One size fits all.C - 2 19/32 in. C - 3 11/32 in. M.W.L.2200 lb. M.W.L.2420 lb. #NF 14600$ 10.95/pr B. L.4410 lb. B. L.4840 lb.Weight1.5 oz. Weight3.5 oz.#NF16100 (RF6100) $ 69.95 #NF11100 (RF6200) $ 99.95Snap Shackle KitsShackle ReplacementPriceSeries Kit No. 11000NF11010RF6260$ 33.0012000NF12010RF616025.9514000NF14010RF636035.0015000NF15010RF636039.9516000NF16010RF616125.0017000NF17010RF6561NLA18000NF18010RF626144.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 369'