b'410 $ All Prices in Lifeline FittingsCanadian Dollars $Life Line FittingsTubular TurnbuckleJaw To SwageCheck Nut LockingTurnbuckleHand Crimp26-4121/8 wire1/4 pin3 Adj. $ 53.9527-4123/16 wire1/4 pin3 Adj.51.95Tubular TurnbuckleEye To SwageCheck Nut LockingTurnbuckleHand Crimp26-4011/8 wire1/4 pin3 Adj. $ 67.9527-4013/16 wire1/4 pin3 Adj.69.95Tubular TurnbuckleJaw To SwagePositive Locking Rings19-324 1/8 wire1/4 pin2-7/8 Adj. $ 68.9519-326 3/16 wire1/4 pin2-7/8 Adj.68.95Open Body TurnbuckleJaw To SwageTurnbuckleHand Crimp26-314 Chrome 1/8 wire1/4 pin3 Adj. $ 80.0027-316 Chrome 3/16 wire1/4 pin3 Adj.89.95Adjuster TurnbuckleJaw To Swage23-302 1/8 wire3/16 pin2 Adj. $ 60.9524-302 3/16 wire1/4 pin2-3/4 Adj. 59.95Tubular Pelican Hook* Pelican HookHand Crimp26-403 1/8 wire1-1/2 Adj. $ 59.9527-403 3/16 wire1-1/2 Adj.58.95Safe Lock Pelican Hook* Pelican HookHand Crimp26-404 1/8 wire1-1/4 Adj. $ 71.9527-404 3/16 wire1-1/4 Adj.69.95Adjuster*Adjuster-Hand Crimp26-406 1/8 wire1/4" pin7/8 Adj. $ 33.9527-406 3/16 wire1/4" pin7/8 Adj.37.95Toggle*Toggle-Hand Crimp26-405 1/8 wire1/4" pin$ 32.9527-405 3/16 wire1/4" pin32.95* Hand crimp terminals when properly applied are approximately 65-70% of 7x7 wire strength. While this has proven adequate for life lines, we do not approve use of these fittings for standing rigging or other high load applications.Instructions for attachment (sent with order) must be followed.410 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'