b'Lifeline Fittings $ All Prices in 411Canadian Dollars $Gate Eye - Hand Crimp26-407 1/8 wire $ 43.9527-407 3/16 wire43.95Gate Eye - Hand Crimp26-408 1/8 wire $ 84.9527-408 3/16 wire88.95Swivel Gate Eye-Single Machine 22-311 1/8 wire$ 33.95 Swage22-313 3/16 wire 34.95Swivel Gate Eye-Interlocking Machine 22-312 1/8 wire$ 59.95 Swage22-314 3/16 wire 71.95Gate Stop29-505 1/8 wire5/16 Max Coated$ 12.9529-506 3/16 wire3/8 Max Coated 13.95Diamond Pad Eye28-501$ 28.95Pulpit Anchor-1 Rail29-501$ 18.95Stanchion Eye-1 Stanchion29-502$ 23.95Turnbuckle-Hand Crimp26-412-11/8 wire3 Adj.NLA27-412-13/16 wire 3 Adj.NLADeck Toggle-Hand Crimp26-405-11/8 wire NLA27-405-13/16 wire$40.95Stanchion Terminal26-405-5F1/8 wire$ 19.9527-405-5F3/16 wire NLAConversion Sleeve For 1/8 Wire36-610For machine swage$ 3.0036-611For hand crimp $ 4.00* Hand crimp terminals when properly applied are approximately 65-70% of 7x7 wire strength. While this has proven adequate for life lines, we do not approve use of these fittings for standing rigging or other high load applications.Instructions for attachment (sent with order) must be followed.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 411'