b'416 $ All Prices in Rigging FittingsCanadian Dollars $Dual Head Stay FittingThis fitting is used to attach dual headstays in the inexpensive old fashioned way. Simply pin one fitting at the masthead and another at the stemplate and swage two new wire headstays in place with matching turnbuckles. Headstay tension is then balanced by the two turnbuckles on the lower fitting. No special sails or other changes required. This fitting is produced in two sizes and should be used with turnbuckle thread sizes equivalent to the stock diameter. Construction is of 304 stainless steel that has been tumbled and electropolished. Imagine the many other applications for this unique fitting!Part No. Stock Dia. Height Distance Between Dual Centers PriceNE 25-22 1/4 2-5/8 1-3/4 $ 22.00NE 25-23 5/16 2-5/8 1-3/422.00Reef-LokJiffy reefing is a breeze with Reef-Lok. Its uniquely designed to simplify main and headsail reefing when used at the tack (see photo). The curl prevents the sail cringe from accidentally disengaging if the halyard is momentarily slacked. The need for standard reefing gear is eliminated along with the usual confusion of lines.Simple to use, nothing to go wrong or wear out just bolt the Reef-lok to your gooseneck or boom and lower sail to reef cringle(s). No more looking for pre-marked positions or making halyard adjustments after setting the main. Shaking out the reef is simpler and faster to. The Reef-Lok is available in two sizes: Large for boats 25 and over and Small for boats 24 and under. Construction is of 304 stainless steel. Tumbled and electropolished for better corrosion resistance.Part No. Stock Dia. Length Max Load Hole Size PriceNE24-03 3/8 4 800lbs 1/4" $ 15.00NE24-04 5/16 3-1/2 500lbs 1/4"11.00Reef-HookThese handy hooks will serve you well in many reefing situations. Because they are designed with a twist in two planes (see photo) they are well-situated for such uses as:- Main or headsail tack points (use singly or back-to-back to make headsail changes smooth and easy)- Downhaul (or Cunningham hook)- Features kicked-out stem for easy insertion and higher load capability.Reef-Hooks come in two sizes. Construction is tumbled and electropolished marine grade stainless steel.Part No. Stock Dia. Length Max Load Hole Size PriceNE24-01 3/8 3-1/2 1200lbs 1/2" $ 13.00NE24-02 5/16 2-1/2 950lbs 1/2"10.00TACK HOOKThis unique design enables two hooks to be bolted back to back so twin headsails can be hoisted.The end is flat and predrilled for attachment to goosenecks and/or stemplates.The opposite end is rounded to prevent snags or chafing.The kicked out stem design allows quick and easy insertion into grommets and give the additional advantage of higher load capacity.#NE24-113/8" stock, 3-1/2"long, 1/4"hole $ 12.00#NE24-125/16" stock, 2-3/4"long, 1/4" hole10.00416 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'