b'418 $ All Prices in Sail Slides/HanksCanadian Dollars $Dutchman End Batten FittingThis batten fitting combines a full universal joint with ball bearing wheels that roll against the back of the mast-very low friction!Two conventional sail slides are laced to the end batten fitting (not included).I have used this fitting for 2 years on the hmp, it is well designed and does the job well.This fitting is not for use with external sail tracks.This car is designed fora maximum sail area of 350sq.Ft. 1-7/8" Max. Batten#EBF375 $ 128.00width or 1/2" maximum round batten diameter.Easy to install.Sailors PalmA fine quality rawhide palm with iron thimble hide mount. Riveted joints. Right or left hand.5742001RRight Hand Sailors Palm$ 44.955742001LLeft Hand Sailors Palm 44.95(if you are right handed you will need a left hand palm,etc!!)Nylon Sail Shackles#SS-A1/2"x5/16" inside $ 3.00#SS-B 1-3/8" SHACKLE3.90 Slide ShaklesNylon Flat Sail Slides#S-17/8" WIDE$ 3.95#S-23/4"WIDE 4.95#S-35/8"WIDE 3.95 Flat Sail SlidesNylon Round Sail Slides Round Slug #S-41/2" DIA.$ 3.95 Type Slides#S-53/8" DIA. 3.95Forged Bronze Jib HanksFasten To Sail By Bending Arm. LengthItem No. Price1-3/4" NF13430 (#0)$ 14.002"NF13431 (#1) 16.002-1/2" NF13432 (#2) 19.002-7/8" NF13433 (#3) 21.00Stainless Sail HanksFasten to sail by bending armLengthItem No.Price2"2486$ 14.00Stainless External Sail Track 12\' Long 7/8" Wide# ST1278$ 145.0012\' Long 5/8" Wide# ST1258 155.00External Sail Slides5/8"wide#SS58$ 4.007/8"wide#SS78 4.00418 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'