b'420 $ All Prices in Transom LaddersCanadian Dollars $Plastic Ladder StepsGray PVC Plastic Ladder Steps For 7/8" Standard Ladders.For 1" Standard Ladders. 3 step#622904 $54.003 step#622902 $62.00 4 step#62290859.004 step#622909 74.00 5 step#62291079.005 step#622911 84.00 For 7/8" Narrow Ladders3 step#622901 $44.004 step#622903 49.00These ladders are a must as they are a safety feature, instantly (Shown with optional steps) available when needed in case of a man-over-board.For single handling a line is fastened to the bottom rung, which in the up position is led over the top of the sternrail and down near the water and belayed with a half hitch so that a person in the water can lower the ladder himself! !" A real lifesaver" made of 7/8" 316 ss tubing.The standard 4 step fits grampian 30\'s, c&c 30\'s etc.The "legs" must be cut to size for each individual boat.To give a proper angle, the ladder, in its down position should be standing away from the transom at an out ward angle to facilitate boarding.For those boats who have less room on their transoms we also stock a narrow four step ladder.Boats with outboard rudders or transom cutouts for motors will need this ladder.Some examples of these boats are grampian 26\'s, tanzers, mirages, etc.For boats with a very high freeboard, we also stock a 5 step ladder.The Swing Step Ladder Stock Standard Sizes# of Steps Part # Size Tube Dia. PriceThree Step #30-3 28"L, 12"W 7/8" $ 229.95Four Step#30-4N 36"L, 12"W7/8"249.95(Narrow)Four Step #30-4 36"L,15-1/2"W 7/8"279.95Five Step #30-5 48"L, 15-1/2"W1"299.95Toe Rail Ladder HardwareAll stainless construction. Steps are not included.Ladder is set up for 8" height steps, width is determined by your steps. You can make your steps from teak, polyethelene, starboard, etc.If required we can supply material for steps at an extra cost.#ladder 420 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'