b'422 $ All Prices in Rail CushionCanadian Dollars $Rail CushionOur new rail cushion can be used on stern rails for back cushions, or over extruded toe-rails for leg cushions when hiking. The Rail Cushion is made of white closed-cell, weather resistant foam. They come in four foot lengths which can be cut to length as needed, and are sold two per package can be cut to length as needed, and are sold two per package complete with instructions. No. Length O.D PriceNE 32-46 4 2.5 $ 11.50Can be used on lifelines as well.STERN RAILS: Cushions slip over 7/8 or 1 railings for a more comfortable cockpit.EXTRUDED TOE-RAILS: Secure over toe-rails for comfort when hiking out.JacklinesTwo per SetClip in and go! Secure tethers along the deck to bow to stern fittings. Loop doublestitched at both ends so a carabiner can be used at the bow, or, the bittered end can be returned through the loop at the bow and secured to a stern fitting. The super strong 1 " nylon webbing has a tested breaking strength of 5,000 lbs, is U.V. resistant and will not roll under-foot or scratch decks.NumberDescriptionPrice00050 Jackline-23\'$94.0000051 Jackline-30\' 99.9500052 Jackline-33\' 109.95422 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'